Weekly Photo Challenge : Merge


Wow! I don’t know how long I didn’t update my photoblog. I guess it’s quite sometime coz I had a friend of mine telling me to start posting again. I’ve got stocks need to be shared and stories need to told but I was so lazy just to put some watermarks on those pictures and write some illustration to go with them to tell the world what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen.

So, now I start over by posting for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge : Merge. Here are some of my collection which I took when I went back to my home country, Indonesia. These golden bugs which I don’t know exactly what to call, live in bushes near paddyfields. They started as eggs then hatched into larvae for sometime -I am not sure how long- , then turn into chrysalis or pupa (?) if I may call them so and finally emerge as adult bugs.

They have lovely color of golden and both sexes have different sizes. I’m not sure how to tell them apart but one of them is bigger that another. If they’re something like frogs, I am sure the bigger one is female and the smaller one is the male. Alright, here are the bugs 🙂



Which one is female?



Making love under the blue sky 😛



Between my fingers