Ladybugs in Colors


I’m blessed to live in a village with enough greens to sustain the life of various insects. I’ve always loved to observe those tiny critters, only observing their colors and beauty, though.

Here some of ladybugs I find around my backyard that thrive during this rainy season. Capturing their pictures are not an easy job because of their round and shiny back makes it difficult for me to get the focus I need before pressing the shutter. They also love to move around really fast. But I guess I’m lucky to have some presentable pictures at the end of the day.  Enjoy 😀


Orange with 9 spots ladybug, smaller, rounder in size

Orange with 9 spots ladybug, smaller, rounder in size


This round ladybug has 9 large spots and yellowish orange color. It’s also my favorite.


Another ladybug with stripes and spots, orange and oval


Another variant, deep orange ladybug with stripes and spots but the shape is a bit different than the pink one.


Pink ladybugs with the combination of stripes and spot. It’s one of my favorite.


Another orange ladybug with 9 spots and it definitely is bigger than the other orange ladybugs


Red orange (I can’t decide what color :D) ladybug with 9 large spots. It’s bigger that the orange one


Red ladybug with stripes and i has no spots.


Teeny weeny orange ladybug with 8 spots


It has no spot but lines instead. I wonder.

NB : Captured with Nikon D40 and vintage lens Vivitar 70-150 mm, with a big help of Raynox.


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