Geminoid F, The Beautiful Lifelike Robot


The crowd

Cityplaza Taikoo Shing held an event on March 29 till April 15 2012, called Robot In Motion. They displayed many tiny robots in that event but the main star was Geminoid F.

“”Geminoid F is developed by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro,  Father of Modern Japanese Robotic. ‘Born” in 2010, Geminoid F looks extraordinarily like human being and represents the most intelligent generation of robots to date. She can, not only simulate the human voice when talking and singing, but also express herself with up to 65 delicate human expressions.”” (It’s from the leaflet :D)

When I first saw the crowd surrounded a lady in red dress singing on the stage, I thought a female singer from Japan came to sing in an event. I’ve always been into the music so I went  down to the crowd to look closer to see who the lady was.

I was so surprised to find out that the lady wasn’t real. It’s a singing robot! OK, I, then, waited till she finished singing. I even came closer to the stage. She looked around, smiled, blinked and spooked the shoot outta me. She looked really spooky when she turned her head around and smiled!!!! Alright, now the fun part, taking pictures 🙂 Enjoy!

She looks real. Well, she's a real robot


Close up!


Look at her smile.


Her hands are so delicate, unlike mine wahahahahahaha


She is singing... well lip-syncing to be exact


The real deal meets the robot-her


7 thoughts on “Geminoid F, The Beautiful Lifelike Robot

  1. Her ‘eyes’ on those pics look unreal very obvious. Nevertheless I don’t think so I would be able to recognize it if I was there. 😀

    This is superb! Japanese is always good in robotic. Thanks for sharing it, dear. 🙂

    • Her eyes are actually quite OK but the expressions are as dead as a robot 😆

      I was surprised to learn that in one photo where she’s smiling, the smile was perfect while it scared me when I saw it live hahahaha

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