Levitation Failed


I knew about levitation from Kampret. I googled a lot after hearing that term. That time I don’t know anything about photography coz I  only liked to take pictures without thinking about the art or the composition or the balancing. I knew nothing.


I didn’t even know if a picture was good or not so good coz I only looked at the POI. I didn’t care about the story which the particular picture was trying to tell. Alright, I care about the story but not the whole story.


Back to levitation, according to tutorial I read on net, we need a really high shutter speed to “freeze” the subjects making them look like they’re floating in the air. What more important is the facial expression and the body language of the subjects. The subjects must look like they’re used to floating, like  it’s their habits or something (I’m not good with words ;))


As we know we can’t do much setting with pocket camera so I took my friend’s advice to try shooting levitation at broad daylight when the sun shines full force so the shutter speed is increased and makes the picture taking easier. Here are the results of my levitation (well, the model is only 5 yo so I could only encourage her to be happy jumping about like mad until I get a nice pic 😆 )


first attempt




The second one.. Yipeeeee....




Third way around, "My shoes are stuck on this model car!!!!" Failed to launch




"Whoa.. whoaaa... I kinda am flying but I have bad feeling about this". She ended up on her bottom 😆 luckily the ground was soft :chuckle:




"I'm levitating, Baby!" She looks like The Moon Goddess I saw on the mooncake tins 😀


6 thoughts on “Levitation Failed

  1. Yup, I completely agree with Mr. Geyonk 😀 . The jumpings are perfect, the only way is essex..ups! I mean the only problem is on the expression but obviously what could 5 yo girl understand about jumping without being excited? 😀

    Well done, mbak!

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