My Curiosity Nearly Killed Me


The resting area

I went hiking again on Sunday (01/04/12) after taking the same hiking trail two weeks earlier. I was still so curious about Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail because the first time I went hiking there I only took two of the three routes written on the map. And I also started at different point. Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail has two starting points, one near Lai Chi Correctional Institutes and the other one is at To Tei Wan.

And this time I took the latter starting point, To Tei Wan, coz I saw more people starting there than at Lai Chi Correctional Institutes. I got off the bus no. 9 and soon standing in line to see the map to make sure the route I took this time. I saw a lady chit-chatting near the map with some of her friends. She was taking care of the food for her husband and his fellow hikers from what I heard. It was almost 1.00 pm, that’s what shown on the digital clock on my cellphone. “Alright, here I go again,” I told myself.

I passed the bamboo trees on the side of the stairs that lead to the hiking trail. This time the journey was not as hard as the other starting point. The breeze was rather cool and the sun was not so strong, either. Soon, I reached the rocky path but it’s not so difficult to walk on. I even saw boulders after boulders along the way. What a sight! They’re beautiful.

The sign leads to Shek O Peak, Dragon's Back

After a while I came to the resting area and stopped for awhile to look around then I saw a sign post leading to Dragon’s Back. I didn’t see that small sign post before. Maybe I was in hurry to reach the road to go back to the city immediately. I took that path out of curiosity. The path was not too tough and I did not need to walk too long either to reach Shek O Peak. I did not need to work as hard as my first hike here. I smiled ear to ear too see the scenery before my eyes. I stood on a cliff looking at Shek O Village and Shek O Beach from above.

I took out my camera and shot many pictures. The wind was so strong that it’s difficult for me to -even- open my eyes. I squinted all the time. I took some self-potraits till a couple came up to me and offered me a help on taking pictures of me. I politely declined and asked if they needed help instead. The man handed me his iPhone and I clicked the shutter. Wow, man. iPhone takes nice pics, I say.

Shek O Beach and Shek O Village

After saying goodbye, we took separate ways. I, curious as always, saw a path leading to the other way up the hill. Noone went there but my curiousity was stronger than my sanity so I took that small path which clearly rarely taken by the hikers. Alright, I reached this cliff (luckily I have no acrophobia) and saw even more beautiful scenery coz I could look as far as the Big Wave Bay and some part of Chai Wan, I think.

The grave

I didn’t stop there and went back on track but instead I walked along the cliff going even further away till I found a grave on the cliff. It fascinated me to find a grave in a place like that. I saw half dried half rotten offering near the sign written in Chinese. I took some picture of it. I didn’t stay long there. I looked around and realized that I had walked too far away from the track.

But instead of going back to where I supposed to be, I observed the surrounding and found red and yellow ribbon tied on trees and shrubs that lead to hardly noticeable track. They made me even curious. Without thinking much, I followed the sign and ended up on sign made of concrete. From that point I could see Repulse Bay and Stanley area. It was gorgeous. I saw a lot of butterflies around that place. That place sure felt strange. I could still feel the chills down to my spine when I remembered it.

The spooky place

Well, being foolish curious me, I still followed the ribbons instead of going back after reaching that spooky place. I walked further away and found dead end but I didn’t want to give up there when I saw a road down there. I convinced myself that the way down was not as far as if I turned around. The landscape was much steeper. The angle was more than 50 deegres, I think. By that time I still managed to take lots of picture and self-potraits. I even noticed wild herbs, wild thyme if I’m not mistaken.

To tell you the truth I was really scared that time. I was not scared of falling to death but I was more scared if I stepped on poisonous snakes because along the way I heard strange noise like frogs but there’s no way frogs could habitate such place. It’s bushy mixed with grasses and mini bamboo less than 2 feet tall.

The cliff I took

I thought of a plan then suddenly I lost my footing and fell down on my bottom real hard that I started sliding down the steep cliff. I grabbed on the mini bamboo without thinking. Fortunately the bamboo had no thorns but still I got scratches on my both arms. My heart was pounding hard. Not long after that I stood up and tried to walk slowly and I fell down again and I grabbed on the shrubs.

After falling for the third time, I decided to slide down instead of walking. I said to myself that I still wanted to live. The steep cliff really scared me. I had never felt that scared my entire life. I didn’t stop praying while sliding down slowly. Not long after, I saw concrete that was built for drainage with high fence. I felt at ease for at least I’d be reaching the civilization soon.

Soon as I got on to the concrete, I thought hard on how to get out from there coz I know for sure the gate should have been locked and I saw noone around. I walked quickly to the gate and sighed with relief when I saw the gap of the railing was big enough for me to slip out. And with shaking knees I stepped slowly on the stairs lead down to the road. I nearly killed myself.

My way out


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