A Lucky Punch


I’ve always been fascinated by the night photography my friends took. What fascinates me the most is the effect of the lights looking like stars. I read about how to make them but with my pocket camera? Naaah, I was not so sure. I couldn’t change the settings as I wish. But tonight I took pictures of the night with starry lights by accident, again. Actually I had the same accident last week but the pic wasn’t so sharp so I just shared it in the group I am in.

Usually I don’t use flash when taking night scenes when the light is adequate and tonight I added the flash for the sake of being curious. I remembered using the flash with the icon “star above the head” when I took my first starry light so I used it again and taaaadaaaa….. I  have the stars 😀





5 thoughts on “A Lucky Punch

  1. Now you’ve known its secret! That means I have to give a try!

    Thanks for sharing ‘your secret’! 😀

    Great pictures, sista! Really love the starry lights and its surroundings. Nice angles! 🙂

  2. I used P mode, Mbak Inge. ISO 100, flash. Light metering, evaluative. Exposure at 0. I don’t know what else but it only works sometimes hahahaha. But you should try. Who knows you’d have surprise awaiting. Good luck!

    • yang ini benar-benar kecelakaan, mbak Della. Soalnya kita gak bisa set diaphragmnya padahal menurut yang saya baca bukaan lensa adalah yang paling menentukan terciptanya bintang2 hihihihihi

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