Blue Night


I saw a picture of a friend at Kampret about night scene. I saw something different in that picture, the night sky was blue, unlike those pics of mine. I like taking picture of the night but I never had any night picture with blue sky.

And yesterday evening I happened to have a chance to be out at dusk because I had to pick  Jaimee up after a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with her classmates and teachers. The bus came really late so while waiting, I played with my camera. I was so bored so I began taking pictures. Well not only night pictures but also some ICM that I would share in another post.

When I came to that place the sky was cloudy. There was  even a little bit of rain after that. Not for too long, though. And around 07.00 PM the sky cleared up. I saw a hint of blue between the clouds. I set my camera immediately for I didn’t want to lose the moment. And here are some of the best pics I took last night.


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