“Accidentally” Photography


The photography  group I am in has inspired me much. Every day I get more inspirations from fellow photography addicts. My limitation in gear department doesn’t affect that much so far. I still have the spirit to learn and I think limitation pushes me to be creative in order to get the kind of picture I want. But I can’t deny that I shoot beautiful pictures -according to my standard, of course- by accidents. Here some which are quite presentable 😉

 I took this picture on my way home after buying some groceries. I took the darker road on purpose because I wanted to try the long shutter menu on my camera. So here I went trying but failed because every picture I took with the long shutter didn’t end up like what I wanted. And then I set my camera back to P mode and  being curious as always, I started to point at this direction and started to lock the focus. But because I moved around, my camera responded so slowly. When I pressed the shutter halfway, I saw this on my LCD and thought I liked what I saw and pressed it all the way despite the warning sign popping up on the screen.

I took this picture at the same night with the picture above. At first I wanted to record the sight I saw because this place looked so different than when it’s in the daylight. I pressed the shutter without thinking much. All that mattered to me at that time was that I had a clear picture. Once I got home and looked it on my computer and I saw the starry lights. I had seen those effects before in pics which taken by some of my friends. Well, the stars are not so obvious in this pic but at least the lights don’t look like a blurry circles made of  light, either.

I was trying to blur the background but I got a pic looking like it was taken with soft focus lens. I used macro mode and utilized the zoom, trying to take clear object and blurred background. I did succeed with the blurred background and I got a bonus of two pics looking like soft focus in the process.


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